Sketchnoting 101

  • Coworkrs Gowanus 68 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY, 11231 United States

In this hands-on workshop you will learn a fun, creative and very useful way to take notes and activate your visual thinking capacity to listen better and retain more information from meetings, key notes that you can more easily put to good use in the future. Become more focused and productive while also stimulating creative ways of thinking.

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About the facilitators:

  • Claudia Lopez. A tinkerer, “Macgyverer”, picture thinker with  10 years of experience in advertising and communications strategy. Founder of On The Right Mind, who’s mission is to awaken creativity, facilitate change, understanding and  innovation by activating visual thinking.
  • Marianne Lefever.  An innovation and sustainability facilitator with nearly 10 years of experience in climate mitigation and sustainable design in the urban environment.from Reshape Innovation a Toronto based company

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